Broken Window Testo

Testo Broken Window

Thought I saw you last night
Through a broken window
The light was missing from your eyes
Guess you didn't see me, Or you looked right through me
Can't believe that you were mine
Seems like yesterday we were swept away and you kissed the sun for me
Now I'm left with a bitter taste, seems like such a waste of a precious memory
(I remember when you whispered softly to me, ran your fingers through my hair)

Now my heart is sighing (could we get much closer, could we get much higher?)
And my body's weeping (just a little slower, just a little deeper)
And our souls entwine til we can't tell who's breathing cause there's nothing in between
Guess I've lost my mind cause I can't tell if it was real or just a dream

Thought I saw you last night, Through a broken window

Burnin' tears blinded my eyes
Guess I didn't listen when you tried to warn me not to stare into the light