We Are The Hormonauts Testo

Testo We Are The Hormonauts

Shouldn't take to much explainin'
or some excess mental trainin'
To get through to you the feeIin'
that's a-got ma brain a-reelin'
Should I put it down in writin'
why I find you so excitin'
It's not your telephonin', it's all your pheromoanin'

Wo-oh! We're the Hormonauts
Wo-oh! We're the Hormonauts
Lookin' for somethin' that baby you got
Watch out for me I'm a Hormonaut

You say I'm actin' Iike a fool it's
cause I'm floatin' in a pool
Of this thing that you're exudin'
and there's no point self-deludin'
There ain't nothin' you can change
that's gonna make me less derranged
'Cause I'm floatin' in a space of your silkiness and lace


It' s a great big step for me
An even bigger one for mankind
Don't need no gin and tonic, coke or hash,
Fame or frtune not even cash
A great big meal or a pint of beer
Just to float about a bit in your hormonospere

So all you big and littie ladies see us actin' just like crazies
You got me floatin' round, got me dribblinì Iike a hound
'Cause I'm floatin' in a space of your silkiness and lace
In this world so oh a-tonal you're oh so pheromonal!

[chorus x 2]