I Play The Fox Testo

Testo I Play The Fox

Collin means well he’s just dramatic
Wears his collar like a book store addict
hallowed angel to handsome devil
I’m slightly jealous of his store bought wisdom
If California is slightly L shaped
Then Nebraska has better landscapes
I'll meet you in the state with fresher air

You’re torn about the loss of your fictional brother
And I don’t know the last time that I've see you sober
If the lamp burns out at least we’ll have each other
When the sun comes up ill be halfway to Holland

There’s no radio but there’s some paper
I’ve got some beach boy records
I’m sorry there’s no blow
If Brian Wilson was your savior
I wouldn’t question your odd behavior
I'll meet you in the state with fresher air

I'll button my jacket turn out the headlights
Put on my glasses block out the sunlight
I believe in acid showers
Pasty skin and wilted flowers

I believe in well popped collars
Purple rain and worn out sweaters

You’ve got terrible posture, free spirited monster
We could straighten your back out
Yeah I think I’ll black out