Kief Catcher Testo

Testo Kief Catcher

Watch your back
Or I will have your girlfriend on hers

Keep that nympholeptic,
My typo chick is hypodermic

I'm a sonic salesman
Handling a brief case loaded with frequencies
Provided for the deaf -and-dumb
Salivating fuzzed receptions,
Still have their lips
Suctioned on my thumb

Just trying to lighten up the mood dude,
Blowin' out your attitude
Now remain your ass calm
Or I make you disappear,
After I clear this smoke bomb

I'm glad irrepressible tremors,
Carry zero context or tone
Bashed that skull cap,
With your own cellular phone

Found malodorous residue,
I have a feeling they barbecued you

Beings were blaring
Queer diapason jams,
Centrifugally forced to cash
Grand galactic grams
A flexible cystotome like
Device saw what was flawed,
The biopsy was an
Indelible optical saccade
Achromatic couldn't fit it's chroma
With the help of fate
Leader precentor hocks a sacred lodged key
The frantic search for me, begins unceremoniously

Intra-axonally whiplashed
Exemplary ages ago
Chucked the longest geographical stretch,
A span can depot

Intra-axonally whiplashed
Exemplary ages ago.
Chucked the longest geographical stretch,
A span can depot a span can depot

Please, hubristic disease,
Incarnate each cathexes.
Foaming alchemical dust debris
Clumpy excerpts are droopy guarantees