Buildings Burn, People Die Testo

Testo Buildings Burn, People Die

I've cried out the lies you spit back to me
i've been stabbed in the throat
there's no room to breathe
try to scream

ten years of bleeding out , and in seconds destroy me?
have you learned your lesson now
and was it worth what i paid for

I've lost it all -my dearest vision
i'll take what is left and become what was meant to be
i've lost it all
you ripped the past apart
i'll have to find a way

to rebuild history and what you took from me
but i'd die before i could give up on me
cuz i can't erase dreams so easily
i have tried

you've clawed your way out and the consequence is
you've learned to live with doubt
i hope it haunts you forever

again i'll find my will
and i'll take back what's mine
a new found strength will take the throne tonight

i've lost it all
(but i will find a way)
watch as you fall
(to leave you behind me)
i've lost it all
i'll take this chance alone
I'll have to find a way
i'll find a way
to leave you behind me

you ripped the past apart
and i'll find my way