Proximity Mines In The Complex Testo

Testo Proximity Mines In The Complex

You're not god

there's nothing left that you can give back
and nothing left to gain
surrounded by choices that you don't have
throw the book or turn the page

safe is just a shadow that circumstances change
to hide the world around us from the fate we can't escape
so give it up, give it in
give me something to die for
hands down- this is goodbye
show them all what it means to just let go
i'll be there by your side

will we sink or swim this time i know there's nothing left in my body to give you
if we fall we fall- let's roll the dice
this is not goodnight
this is goodbye

danger in the shadows where it all begins
to hide the world around us from the candlelight within

it won't do to just let em' bleed
let's give em' something that leaves a scar
something that means we are never falling to our knees

and if they only want your heart
let them be easily amused until the right arrives at the jaw

you burned your last bridge tonight
this isn't goodnight
this is goodbye