El Santo Testo

Testo El Santo

He comes from his city
With his tired grey eyes
He walks alone, ever alone..
And he knows all about our life
Travels around the world,
Travels every day..
He is the Saint..
And you wait wait
you wait the saint
And you, lady,
You you have to cry
And I keep with me his his holy words..
Because he he is the saint..

Walking around just wanna thinking about you froze the light you stop the time to give me a real life give me a real life down on my knees again..

He has no name
He walks alone
Nobody knows from where his shadow's from..

My little girls
Read here his words,
Blood and paper, this is the holy ghost..

“You are the lord you are the god
we born to live we born to die - too
this time, choose what you want to do..
choose what you want to be..