When Rhyme Meets Reason Testo

Testo When Rhyme Meets Reason

I'm the one who's staring at stars
And trying to catch them when they fall
I am now convinced I can reach them
I live in fairytales
Believing they're real
Am I alone?
I hear my own breath
My shadow is dead
I'm thinking my heart just might be next
It's never going to leave me tonight
Though it might when I'm ready to die
I lay beside my heart
Buried in the dark
Searching for the smallest light
Or the darkest bright I can find

My frail heart
Fell apart
With every beat
Hear it sing

Desperate, lonely
God, am I the only
One who's falling
For your beauty?

They don't see you
The way I do
Leave divinity and
Find me here and stay with me
'Til every fear is gone

Desperate, lonely
I'm the only
One who's falling for you

Wait, you're everything I need
Wish I could somehow see
That you are here every time I bleed
For what's inside of me
Those insecurities
That never do fail to plant their seed

You said you're near to the broken...