Rampage Testo

Testo Rampage

I'm on a murderous rampage
(Pog's goin' down)
I've got Pogs' on the ground
(Cogs slowin' down)
I'll kill those Horsechips
(Chips in the mulch)
Now I see you crying

I killed a cat, decapitated your friend's new llama
busting heads down at the
You look so smart.
So very clean.
Let's see how you look after I massacre this
herd of sheep
I am the Prototype!
Gonna stick it to you
sodomize and hypnotize is what I've come to do.
I'm an equal opportunity killing machine!
Black and red, white or green
I just want your spleen!
I'll pull it through your nose and
(??) down your throat.
Peel off your skin and
feed it to The King...
of England.
Then I'll slay his bitch ass, too.
Sodomized, transmogrified
I'm coming after you!