Jah Is No Secret Testo

Testo Jah Is No Secret

This heavy load that I carry personally, it is for Jah, Jah and I:Jah never yet is a secret - I just can?t keep it;Jah come and reveal it ? I just can?t help open up the truth.My father is no secret - Jah Jah is no secret.Behold our Father, His power and His gloryI see all Jah mystery, I believe in all Jah do and sayIn ZionThe law giver, the fruits of all Roots in Judah.I hail, I hymn King of Kings and Lord of Lords,The love of Jah preserve in man.Fitedly words were spoken of His Imperial Majesty,I hail, I hymn Haile SelassieAnd to all tribes of Judah Jah arrive.The part taken of grace meet me face to face inIsaiah chapter 45.(Refrain)I man is involved in the Holy Trinity.Oh IsraleDon?t you judge, condemn other man.Only yesterday, while I was a child,Jah revealed to I.I behold I surname, it?s funny how love can change a man.I man baptised, serve him Selassie.I?m the sword of the Trinity .Unto all Tribe I?m still the LeviWhile the personality towards the sameJah Glory.(Refrain)By the rivers of Babylon where we sat downAnd knowing that this isJah heavy load.How can I sing my father?s songIn a strange land, by the rivers of Babylon.Haile Selassie IBlessed!EthiopiaThe land of my Father,Let us advance in Truth and RightLet us advance in Love and Light.I Jah Man Levy: Hail I Hymn Chapter One ?Jah is no secret?