God Son (Dedicated To Nas) Testo

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Testo God Son (Dedicated To Nas)

Yeah, Uh.

It's da return of da boss,
A true nigga, I'm back with gold in my cross,
I'm da hip hop make over,
It's a takeover,
Influenced by Nas, now you know the hard life made soldiers,
From a broke nigga, to a nigga in em Range Rovers,
I got high off illmatic still I stay sober,
Nas flow for da streets,
It's like magic when he flow on da beat,
Nasir Jones got da throne, a true MC,
God son across the belly, you niggaz lost already,
Let's take it back to da struggle,
Back to 95, back to da hustle,
I was five years old, helpless! lookin for trouble,
My suffering days,
Seven years later, nothing changed,
I got dreams of getting rich,
Nas told me I can when god son hit,
I respect a real nigga who look at life as a real picture,
When you build, ya niggaz build with ya,
Some rappers rhyme but they not sayin shit,
The garbage that comes from their mouth when they spit,
Rims, cribs, how much money he make,
Why don't you sing some songs which niggaz from da gutter can relate,
God son flow for the streets for over twelve years,
And he still here rockin dem gold chains and Nike airs,
From illmatic to stillmatic, nothing but classics,
Masterpiece for da streets when times got drastic,
Look who I came from, guns! Drugs! Hangin with killas,
Still I gave it all up, I no longer wanted to be a misled nigga,
I learned to think for myself,
It's not about da hype in life but I still got da 3 stars strapped to my belt,
You can't imagine all da pain I've felt,
But it made me stronger in da end,
And if I could I'd go through it again,
I ain't no fake,
Believe me when I say, I'll do whatever it takes to keep my family safe,
I'll trade my life for theirs,
When they cry I'll wipe their tears,
Nas taught me that if you don't got respect the whole world collapse,
And that's a fact,
They say hip hop's dead,
Since Nasir Jones not dead, it's not dead,
I told you niggaz.

Yeah, Uh,
I send this out to the street disciple of rap, the god son, the Nastradamus, the king to Queens Bridge,
I'm talkin bout Nasir Escobar Jones, the man himself... Nas!
The greatest rapper alive,
Some niggaz need to respect that though,
For real.