All Night Testo

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Testo All Night

Hey girl
What you are doing in this corner
I bet I think you should let me to get to know you
We see you come you should follow me to the bar
This ain't no game
We should make the move to my car


Hot she moving when she's moving
When she's dancing on me
I see what you're doing girl
She didn't .. she wants some more
She is ready to go
I am like the energizer buddy
So meet me on the dance floor
I can .. they don't have to ... in this club

We can dance all night
Until the morning

Is hot in here
Got me looking like I am dancing in the rain
Come be my umbrella
Be close .. frame
Call your friends
Cancel your plans
I tell to all my friends
We are going all night till the end
.. the party begins


she's dancing on me (repeats)
she is ready to go