Lover's Groove (Remix) Testo

Testo Lover's Groove (Remix)


What the deal, what the deal, y'all, ha
For the 9-6 Shy
Shyheim, ya know
Immature, and we got a little something for y'all
Check it out

Let me take you on a ride
To a place, where the ladies freak your mind
Only Romeo knows, where the honies goes
See I got the freak of the week
So let me take you to the love land
Where the feeling's right, and the girls look tight
'Cause there's nothing else to do, on this crazy filled night
Nothing else to do on this crazy filled night


The sun is shinin' (Shinin')
The girls are fly
All the, lovers around, well well (Say what)
Everybody's on the street
Doin' the freak (That's right)
Baby, freak with me (Freak with me)
In the lovers land (In the lover's land)

(A beat for your jeep, strictly for your jeep)


The feelings on
To the break of dawn
The party's on
Lover's groove, well well
The feelings on
To the break of dawn
The party's on
Lover's groove, well well

Batman: Take it Shyheim


Yo, yo, where I chill, some may say it's unsafe
It's where the thugs waterfall chase
And never make it homebase
Up in the club, gettin' my dance and drink on
Can't wait until the DJ throws my favorite joint on
I'm stumblin', and they got me wide open, zonin'
And there they born, phone this, hoodrats cluckin'
Wannabe playas frontin' and stuntin'
Like they pimpin' but they slippin'
Near the bar sippin' mo' what
You ain't known, Batman, LDB, Romeo
Put em' off kid, word up


The beat is creepin' (Creepin')
Real fly flava (Yeah)
A crazy, crazy vibe (Crazy vibe)
All the lovers out tonight, well well (Well well)
Bodies shakin' (Shakin')
Love makin', to the lover's groove


Shyheim: Word up, y'all can't touch this
Romeo: Shyheim, yo Shyheim
Shyheim: What
Romeo: Break 'em of somethin'
Shyheim: Bring it on


I'm comin' straight from the urban
Born in the surgeon, general
And when the Wu come through
It gets quick to Cal, no doubt
Frontin' hard core
You'll get beat down in my projects
What young flex
Catch one from the DX
Nah, never we're all possum, possible
But that's no lie
Drink Henessy, Patrick and Z Marble
The thug life it got that kid stressed out
Son, get the heat invest out
'Cause kids want me X-ed out
Off the map so I stay strapped like lo-keim
They don't wanna see it

Batman: Lover's groove
Shyheim: Shyheim
Romeo: And Immature
Shyheim: The "Rugged Child"
Batman: Lover's groove
Shyheim: Immature
Romeo: And Shyheim
Shyheim: Gettin' you hooked with my man, Chris
Batman: Lover's groove
Romeo: Get Hooked, baby baby
Shyheim: On this track, ha, check it out y'all
Romeo: And it don't stop

Chorus (Repeat 'til music fades)