Ooh Wee Baby Testo

Testo Ooh Wee Baby

(feat. Daz Dilligent)

[Daz Dilligent:]
What it be like
Romeo, Batman, LDB
Yeah, Immature
And young Daz
And Young Daz, Dilligent

Ooh Wee Baby
Ooh ooh wee, come and play, with me
Ooh Wee Baby
Ooh ooh wee, come and play, with me

[Daz Dilligent:]

Come on, come on, get it, get it
If you down with it
Don't bite it, come and get it
And be all down with it
'Cause I, drive my gizame
So cold, so you lose-oh
Ain't no tellin baby where
Me and you can kiss-oh
Dippin' in my caddy, ain't it plush
And the way that I be fussin' too much (It's too much)
You got my adrinaline pumpin'
Got me soo deep into something
With my immature behavior
I ain't stoppin' for nothin'
See ain't, nothin' but a gangsta party
When the girlies in the club, start actin' naughty
Ooh wee, check it out
I disapear like a bat in the air
It's like who, what, when, where


It's you, I need with me (Say what)
Baby, why can't you see
I am, the man you want (I'm your man)
Baby no need to front


See let's go to my room (To mine)
So we can have some fun (Say what, say what)
I just wanna show you what's inside of me for you


[Daz Dilligent and Batman:]

Baby you
Keep freakin' me the way you do
Be yourself and would you stay true
Be you, stay true (Ha ha)

[Daz Dilligent:]

It's all about fives, tens, twenties
Fifties and hundreds, cash money
See ain't a damn thing funny
When it comes to honeys
It's all money
Don't act funny
See baby notice the way that I
Shake, rattle and roll
Got you all in control
Got you all in my mode
See conversation runs all
And without it can't fall
Small thangs run large
And with that I'm in charge
Catch you chillin' with the villain every time of the flow
LDB, Batman, and Romeo
Got you chillin' in the club
Showin' everybody love
Got the whole crowd buggin' sayin'
What you thinkin' of

[Chorus: Repeat 'til it fades]