The Week Of August 1st Testo

Testo The Week Of August 1st

so i go down to my deepest depths
and lost the things i'd learned to accept
like faith in promises
and i think about the truth i hold
compared to the bitter fruits of getting old
just like my father says

this is a test to see if my worst still can beat my best
this is a test, a measurement of my failure at success
it's just my sophomore jinx
it's all come back to me
i built up bad times in the cracks in my securities
but will i steer right?
will my laundry stay white?
whenever i lose sight of my plight?

but i still turn my back look the other way sustain myself, all work no play
it's life but it's far form living
and my views become naturally corrupt
when my friends and enemies get mixed up
my lesson's learned after the fact

and so my palms get sweaty
and i can't read the answers on my hands