Color Me Grey Testo

Testo Color Me Grey

Her life is a showOne act follows the other everywhere she goesShe takes the leading roleShe never plays herself, save for the time she's on the stageColor her black or whiteNow, either one reflects the teardropsOne extreme for the otherNothing in betweenColor her white for the princess she could beColor her black for the troubled child she plays so wellWell, she's dancing through hell on a dream.And blue is soul of the oneReaching for the man that she hasn't got yetAnd holding on to those hearts for lost causesShe could be so brightBut she's reaching for us allColor her blue for the loneliness she feelsShe's hiding her heart in the sky.And this is a Thursday afternoonIt's just another Thursday afternoonIt's just another Thursday afternoonColor me greyI'm a little bit of everything todayAnd I'm not sure where I'm goingColor me greyWishing I was something more of distinction.Color us all 'cause we're just starsWishing our lives awayInto the distanceAnd out of existence.Color her black or whiteColor her blueOr color me greyColor us all - we're starsWishing our lives awayNow we're stars