Everything In It's Own Time Testo

Testo Everything In It's Own Time

Remember everything Itold you, keep it in yourheart like a stone Andwhen the winds haveblown things round andback again what was onceyour pain will be yourhome All around the tablethe white-haired men havegathered Spilling theirsons' blood like table wineRemember everything Itold you, everything in itsown time The musicwhispers you in urgencyhold fast to thatlanguageless connection Athread of known that wasunknown and unseen seendangling from inside thefifth direction Boys aroundthe table mapping outtheir strategies Kings allof mountains one day dustA lesson learned a lovingGod and things in theirown time In nothing moredo I trust We own nothing,nothing is ours Not evenlove so fierce it burns likebaby stars But this povertyis our greatest gift Theweightlessness of us asthings around begin toshift Remember every-thing I told you, keep it inyour heart like a stoneAnd when the winds haveblown things round andback again What wasonce your pain will beyour home Everything inits own time Everything inits own time