Child To Sleep Testo

Testo Child To Sleep

Verse 1: Children rule in Hell before their deaths. Neglected & forced to, to pull their sled. Brave enough to live for, for what was right. Never giving up without a fight. Only they can seize the day. Before the end of the night. Chorus: Oh tell me can you see what your own parents? done. Got a rope & let you hung. Can you heel the secret nightmares within? If you run away, can you find another way. Daddy pulls out his dreadful gun. Turned around & shot his son. Just when it all gets quiet & all scream free. Put another child, put another child to sleep. Verse 2: Die, die kiddo, it's your time. Innocent sweethearts, they commit no crime. Abusive parents don't even care. They're prisoners of death & it's not fair. So you burn the fire high. Put the poison in the water. Children won't even care to die. The pain nearly stunned her. Chorus Chorus Chorus