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Testo (Intro) Stand By

It's times like these
When I wish I owned a time machine
So I could leave on
Lord can I take this time to open up
Show the love never could quite
Good night girl just hold me tight
And dream of a new life

But that look on your face
That look on your face says it all
It says it all
I thought I was winning the phrase
Till you and your new man drove by in your new car
And I was supposed to be the super star
The way you moving girl you went too far

I always do the same things
Always use the same words
But they never work
I'm so caught up in my work

What to do (x6)
Give me five
Don't cry
Hold off
Stand by

'Cause I know like I know like I know like I know
I'ma get that text message talking
About I miss you dude let's work out
I hate you, you make it official
I wanna be with you

I'm ok , I wanna see aham
I buy every day , every day, every day, every day
Ok now

I'ma keep it honest 3 hundred
Life just goes by karma when you doin' what you wanna
Number after number slower invitations, no patience, no patience
I swear I need more patience
These hoes wanna fuck up my life
Fuck up my life
Don't you hate it when the hoes tryna fuck up your life
Fuck up your life
For one night