Ain't No Time For Diets Testo

Testo Ain't No Time For Diets

It's a wonderful time for holiday food it's Christmas It's a marvelous day for cookin' and bakin' sweets Sugar and butter cookies, chocolate and almond treats Sweet candy, fudge and gingerbread are goodies we love to eat Mom's roastin' a turkey, stuffin' a goose for Christmas The kitchen's a mess and music is playin' low There's cranberry sauce Jack's favorite Corn pudding for uncle Stu But we better bake two pumpkin pies 'cause someone invited Lou We'll set the dining table with the finest china Crystal and silverware With flowers in the center and candles all around No table could compare It's a wonderful time for holiday food, it's Christmas My appetite's growing faster than Santa's sleigh Ain't no time for diets So forget about bein' thin 'Cause the amount of food that will consume It will 'cause our bellies to balloon And the hour will be coming very soon