She Wasn´t Last Night Testo

Testo She Wasn´t Last Night

Last night was a real good night, uh huh While you was out playin' your game Askin' for numbers & names Somethin' else was goin' on at the spot Your girl felt a little hot So I had to cool her down While you was out foolin' around CHORUS 2x: She was your girlfriend But she wasn't last night She was out foolin' around Sayin' all night you wasn't her type Now I can understand why your pissed 'Cause you would've never thought your girlfriend could let somebody else sleep in your bed She played with your head But you're wrong for comin' to me Actin' like it's my responsibility to pass up what's given to me It's her game I won't take the blame (Chorus 2x) Now I think you should have done more And maybe she wouldn't be knockin' at my door But since she is, I have no choice So therefore... Come in baby, it's okay And she knows that she doesn't have to leave 'Cause all night, it's alright, you're with me You see you shouldn't have left her standin' in the rain It's your loss but it's my gain (Chorus 2x) I know that you wanna know We were sneakin' on the low She said that she was all alone So I took her home Then it was on I see her out all the time Probably why I was on her mind If I wasn't in my place If I didn't, I wouldn't be your man (Chorus to end)