Rebirth Testo

Testo Rebirth

(by Jessi Hamilton and Cliff Franklin)

I had dreams once, but then I woke up
Reality hit me, I should have spoke up
What's mine is theirs now - they took it away
I'm back where I started and here I'll stay

Trust too much, you're sure to get burned
Hear what I say now - it's a lesson hard-learned
CHORUS: I'm here now, an artist reborn
I reach again for the rose having been pricked by the
I'm stronger and here now to stay
The world knocked me down but my dreams still remain

Some people helped me, but more people lied
Most just ignored me while I sat and cried
Some tried to reach out but were pushed away
I could have fought back but I was afraid

But it's my life, it's my dreams - it's their hopes and
I was used as the pawn instead of the queen