Last Night I Rocked The Room Like Elvis And Had Them Laughing Like Richard Pryor Testo

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Testo Last Night I Rocked The Room Like Elvis And Had Them Laughing Like Richard Pryor

It's June 13, 2015 and I'm jetlagged as hell
Just walked in the door, opened my mail and there's... something from Yael
The guy from Biffy Clyro says I'm one of the greatest... songwriters in the world
And here's some funny rant... from some... stalker hater girl
And a letter of love and kindness and affection from a fan... in Singapore
Ah, what can you do? Some people love, some people hate, some of us walk tall and proud and some of us slither around in the dirt like litte garden snakes
(Like little garden snakes)
Nature is cruel, look at the way the vines curl and choke the, life out of trees
Nature is beautiful, go out on your your front porch, smell the pines and feel the afternoon breeze
(The afternoon breeze)

It's June 13, just like it was... 3 years ago
When, I put words down to some music written by the musical genius Jimmy Lavalle
And my friend Tim had just died and everyone, was... goin' through hell
But now there's a brand new June 13 and I gotta say that things are... going pretty well

Todays my sister's birthday and I'm gonna call her... and I know she'll be pleased
But I tired to call her but she's not answering, I just keep tryin' and she's not answering
Ah there she is, my beautiful sister... and one of my best friends
She wants a copy of my new CD, I'm gonna send it to her on monday and I'm gonna surprise her with... a rather large check

Now I'm off to Telegraph Hill, I need to walk to get back into the right time schedule
I walked through the North Beach fair, still dizzy, I felt like I was in some strange music video
I went to Molinari's on Colombus and got the... Joe's Special
That was Katy's favorite, I always get that one in memory of her

Oh it's coming up on my... 48th summer
A few nights ago I rocked the room like Elvis Presley and had them laughin' like... Richard Pryor
And me and Steve went and saw the film Youth on our... day off in Milan
And Pitchfork gave me a 6 that day and I said "man, what took them so long?"
And me and Steve laughed and we had some salad and some red mullet, Carpaccio And I hugged him goodnight and the next morning I flew home to, beautiful San Fransico

Oh it's coming up... 48th summer
And I'm feeling pretty good and my girlfriend will be here at 7 for dinner and oh my godI love her...
And her cat Leona she's a huge ball of fluff and I, could squish her to death
Her face is so fucking cute, I swear to god... I can't even stand it

And this friday night I'll be singing the 100th Anniversary of the Civic Center in San Franciso... with Chuck Prophet and Penelope Houstin and Stephanie Finch and The Kingstom Trio, and Hello Biafra
And for the fuck of it I'm gonna read this nice letter from this., Singapore fan
He's now the co-writer of this song, his name is Victor and he's gonna get a song writers share, 25%

Dear Mark, thank you for the amazing gig you played in Melbourne in March of this year
I flew from Singapore to see you and I don't know if you remember but we met outside
I was weraing a Parl Jam t-shirt and you said it was cool
For me, you and Eddie are the best two vocalists and songwriters of our age
Thank you for allowing us to all move to the front of the hall when you came onstage
Somehow the internet gave me a back row seat but after you let us move I was right down the front
I love the new record and the way you are getting more personal each and every album
I think it's one for the fans, for the people that have listened to you for twenty years, not for the hipsters who only like you because of Benji
I bought my family members in London four tickets for the Barbican gig this week, wanting to get as many people I know to hear you and share your music
The main reason I'm writing is because of the negative press from the gig, English press are ridiculous just trying to get any controversial story they can
Anyone who knows you will know you're respectful and they don't get your sense of humor
Don't let it get you down, your real fans will always b here for you
Please keep making the music and touring the tours, take it easy and yes please do come back to Singapore

Smiley face, all the best Victor