A Way Out Testo

Testo A Way Out

tighten up your fist
they're comin back for you
i know they'll break you down
with every meaning to
just weave your way up town
through all those dirty streets
never get you down
on the soles of your runnin feet

and i've had restless sleep
riddled with dreams of you
all real in my head
against a sky that's often blue
you say you don't
then you act just like you do
most the time you won't
but some days you do come through

rest a little bit
but hold your head up
and don't you ever quit
no matter what they told you
oh just leave a mark
lift your leg up to a tree
even though it's dark
get out of bed and get on your feet

and so you had a dream
the devil came by your door
and whispered through the screen
you'll have beauty and nothing more
but you were asleep
and by now you've realized
evil's just something
that people grow behind their eyes

and maryanne
this is the last time
that i'll tell you
they're all fools
they're all fools
and maryanne
if i could give you
a way out
a way out
a way out
i would
i would