Sweetest In the Morning Testo

Testo Sweetest In the Morning

gotta go
gotta go
gotta find the answer
gotta find
gotta find a way back home
gotta look
gotta look in every direction
till you find
till you find you're not alone
there are people everywhere lookin out for you
holding their hand out for your hand
i hope someday you see 'em there too
standing right beside
right beside of you

you are the sweetest in the morning
when you roll over to my side
and i would stand in line for hours
to have this anytime

i can see morning
i can see morning
oh i can see morning
just lift up your head
lift up your head
lift up your head
and you will see it too
you can say that i've always been wrong
you can say that you're way too far gone
you can tell me to look the other way
you can tell me to stay and i'll stay