The Bright Blue Rose Testo

Testo The Bright Blue Rose

I skimmed across black waterwithout once submergingon to the banks of an urban morningthat hungers the first light much, much morethan mountains ever do.and she like a ghost beside megoes down with the ease of a dolphinand awakens unlearned, unshamed, unharmedfor she is the perfect creaturenaturla in every feartureand i am the geek with the alchemist stone.For all of youwho must discoverfor all who seek to understandfor having left the path of othersyou´ll find a very special handand it is a holy thingand it is a precious timeand it is the only wayforget-me-nots among the snowitßs always been and so it goesto ponder his deathand his life eternally.(2x)One bright blue rose outlives all those2000 years, and still it goesto ponder his deathand his life eternally.