Shining In The Light Testo

Testo Shining In The Light

Tuesday wakes up silent

And there aren't enough pills to sleep

And then it cuts out like miswired shortwave radio

It's over

But nothing can change to ever make it right
When you live in a nightmare

It's written in oyur face

In a short time

You're never the same again

The distance is streamlined

Between decision and defense

Disorient the senses

Loss of identy
No one to trust

Life runs through this trade

I am no killer

But I still hide my Face

In the comimng days

I wake up every morning

From the same dream

and then I kill it

But you can't change the letters when the ink dries

I woke u on the sidewalk and everything just changed

Now the lights are blinking but I can't see anything

Everything is falling apart:

Crumple paper

Crushed tin cans

Broken battles

Paper scraps

We all look the same

We all look the same

But I am the killer