Gamblin' Bar Room Blues Testo

Testo Gamblin' Bar Room Blues

Hoho-heyhey, the gamblin' bar room blues I went down to the corner just to meet my gal I found her standin' on the sidewalk talkin' to my pal I stroke back to the bar room to get another drink of gin But the first thing I knew I was reelin', rockin' and drunk a gin I kept drinkin' gin and liquor 'till way ... When my pal walked into the bar room we had an awfull fight I reached down for my razor, and then we knocked around But when I pulled my pistol I quickly smoked him down Heyhee-heyho, ho-hoohoo Hoo-oo-hoo-oo, hoo-ho, ho-hey-ho I went down to see my baby, and met her on the way I told her I'd have to leave her, I told her I could not stay I started down to the station and stopped in at the bar There I met a policeman ridin' in a motor car We both drank lots of liquor, that flatfooted cop and I I thought he would never leave me, Lord, I thought I die My baby came in to join us, and then it began to rain Then I had to hurry-hurry to catch that midnight train I laid my head in the bar room door, I 'll never get drunk anymore I pawn my watch and my golden chain, I pawn my baby's diamond ring Police, police, police, you're just as drunk as me I'll grab that old eight-wheeler* and make for the deep blue sea