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Testo Hey Jin


Hey Jin
You Fly
Thas right
Guess what?
I'ma leave my man tonight.

Picture me cruisin' down ya block with the windows down,
System on full blast as the rims go round.
Chicken's breakin' they neck like “Ain't that Jin?”
Boyfriends on the side be like “That ain't him.”
I ain't tryna ruin ya plans at all,
just in case you and your man fall apart, oh, girl, give me a call.
I was strollin through Chinatown like any other day,
When I bumped into this shorty made me look the other way.
A fly Chinese chick, I was feelin' her style,
she had the classic Air Jordan's I ain't seen in while.
I pull up to the curb, hop out the car (skirrt)
Before I introduce myself, she said “I know who you are”
“Your name is Jin, right? From freestyle friday”
I'm like what up, ma? You just made my day.
She lovin' my skeet's said I dress well for an asian.
and the article in XXL was amazin'!
Just to prove she watched all seven shows,
She kicked one of my lines from each episode.
20 minutes past, we been chattin' for a while,
standin' on the corner of Broadway and Canal.
I'm askin shorty, what's up with later tonight?
She said she got a man, and she ain't a playa iight?
I figured I caught an L, but as I'm walkin' away,
she called my name, I looked back and here's what she had to say