My First Time Testo

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Testo My First Time

This is a motion picture
Courtesy of The Emcee
With an original score, by the Golden Child
I wanna tell y'all bout my first time
I know its kinda personal buh,
I feel – I feel like I can open up right now
Yea, everybody remember their first time
And it goes a little something like this…

It was a stormy night, rain drippin' off the window pane
Come clean I don't remember her name
Prior to that evening, I saw her in my wet dreams
Ageless, but usually she's sixteen
Been around, I ain't the first to do her
Actually a close friend put me on to her
I was only 14 at the time,
A bit nervous, cause she was experienced and fine
Within tha confines of my bed-room
Just the two of us, knew where it would head soon
Parents next door, wait till they fall asleep
Then we can get it on, the nature of a freak
I seen her before, but never in the nude
She requested music to lighten up the mood
In the stereo, a mere coincidental

She got open and I knew it
Told me that her previous partners be smokin' up before they
do it
My mind blank like the paper never shoulda been
I close my eyes and slowly put it in
At that very moment, time froze
Sent chills thru my whole body, only my spine knows
Tinglin', like rabbits we went at it
Hittin it raw from the bed to the floor
Nonstop wicked back shots, I'm smashin it
In my young life never felt passionate
About nothing, so much what a rush
The second each time my hand and the pen touch
It was a race to the finish line I came first
She came at a close second, there go the verse
The climax, was more than sensation
She surprised me with the oral presentation
To say the least, it was damn good
Brought me one stop closer to manhood
So I vowed never to forget my first time
I'm talkin' about that night I wrote my first rhyme
Uh yea, I wrote my first rhyme
Uh huh yea, I wrote my first rhyme