The Past Three Years Testo

Testo The Past Three Years

I went in hiding for the past three years
This town hasn't seen my face I through back all my fears
I was looking for a new king a preacher with pride
One who wore a white robe and had nothing left to hide
I took a trip for the past three years
And all the people I met they all cried the same old tears
I met an Indian an African too
We were drinking scotch at Smiths bar, hanging on 8^th avenue
I lost the beat for the past three years
Now I can't stop tapping my feet I found what I'm doing here
I'll tell you a story about all of our lives
Poets and Painters there artists all alike
The first time I knew my name in the past three year
I realized were not all the same, what's your drink my dear?
I heard Butch Walker sing about “lights out in my heart”
I had a hard time believing he wasn't one from the start
I kissed the highway for the past three years
Ashes to asphalt, Vegas city thrills
The bright lights are illusions to suck you inside
Teach you about love and lust, the furthest things on my mind
I've seen a thousand faces in the past three years
Everyone that lost the race all caught up in the premier
Instantly gratified living to be entertained
Going through the day to day only to complain
So you're stuck with me for three more years
Maybe I'll give up and quit, hell I'll move away from here
You wish it was so easy, well so do I
If life is a game of chance, why should we try?