My Little One Testo

Testo My Little One

There's no need to be afraid
Daddy's here and it's okay
My love will take the fear away
My little one

Give to Me the doubts and fears
pour out your heart I'll catch the tears
I've always been the God who hears
My little one
You've held it in a long, long time
So let it out, it's okay to cry
My heart and arms are open wide
My little one

I'll hold you close and tight to Me
I'll help you through the unbelief
I said that I would never leave
My little one

The Man who's full of grace and truth
One day He will come for you
He's gonna make it all brand new
My little one

One the mountain close to Jacob's stair
A place for you I have prepared
My light and truth will take you there
My little one