Kathleen Intro Testo

Testo Kathleen Intro

Oh, this is, this is, this is, this is about
Having a, a, a Lionel Richie tape
Do you know him?
And it's about having the tape in your pocket,
And ah, and you're driving somebody home from a party,
Maybe it's the night
Maybe the night's your lucky night?
I hope so,
Ha ha,
And ah, and so you've got the tape all ready,
And you've got the,
And you're drivin' her home,
Or him home, or whatever,
And ah,
You've got the tape in your pocket
Cued up to "Once, Twice, Three TImes a Lady"
And, and, and you guide the car slowly into a ditch
Real slow, kinda drivin' into the ditch all kinda sexy like
And ah, and the tape flies out of your pocket into the tape machine
And you're like tryin' to stop it, you know, but you can't,
And it, it just goes in and you accidently push the button,
And it starts playing,
And, and, and it's it's beautiful
You know it's the most beautiful music ever,
But she's already gotten out of the car and lifted it,
Back onto the road,
Because she's from Tipperary
And your night is wide open.