My Girlfriend Testo

Testo My Girlfriend

(Featuring Laura Fedor)

(verse 1)
So baby if I hold you in my arms
Would you still love me like you did
And if I would try to make it work again
Maybe you could try to let me in

don't let the past cover your eyes
I know it aint easy to love again
You know I didn't mean to make you cry
I know now what I lost then

My whole heart, you were my whole life
My heart was beating for you, the whole time
You were the reason you were my bright light
Baby, You're the one, that I think about all night

You were my whole voice, you were my best friend
And it just took one time, to let the worst win
I was the stupid one who took away my only love
My Girlfriend

(verse 2)
I remember all the times when we were together (laura)
Its kind of hard since we've been apart (Josh)
remember when we hit that stormy weather (Laura)
I didn't mean to leave a broken heart (Josh)
But now that I had some time to think it over
You were the best thing that I had
I know you probably brushed it off your shoulder (Josh & Laura)
But baby please just let me say again

(hook) 1X

I love you baby, don't you know (don't you know)

I love you baby please don't go

Baby please, just stay, with me, YEAH

I gotta tell you, I Gotta Tell you