Wir Seh'n Uns Wieder In Den Rocky-mountains Testo

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Testo Wir Seh'n Uns Wieder In Den Rocky-mountains

Enter the mind of the forsaken,
Life is overrated,
Never ending cycle of mistakes you'll never break it,
Smile is a cover-up so no one knows you're faking,
If they ask you "what's the matter?",
Then you say "It's complicated",
But your heart is desecrated,
Victim of the hatred,
Take it day by day but you just hope that you can make it,
Try to make a wish but all your hope has been deflated,
Peace in life does not exist because the two are not
You're forever underrated,
Bruised and battered and completely alienated,
Stripped of all your dignity and hope and now you're naked,
You forget about your morals 'cause your thoughts on it are
You're a killer in the making,
Call the operator,
Say your finger's on the trigger and you'll pull it any
Never should have said those things but now they'll learn
their lesson,
Soul's already cursed you know you'll never get to heaven.
Fate is crazy ain't it,
A life has now been taken,
Full of raw emotion your mind was contaminated,
This could have been avoided what a monster they created,
Oh what a monster they created.