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Testo Rap Game Travolta

Just call me K, let me tall my smack
Handle minds, I do it all like that
Then he sorta trip till he falls right back
The one-man army kickin' war-type rap
Just Pulp Fiction, not a story track
Till the truth is here and then taught the map
But before I’m back, I'm sure you've added up
By the time Faint One's gonna scratch the cut
The promoters said, "Next track, you’re up"
Who? Me? Nah, where’s your head at?
I’m not playin' till I get a bowl of green M&M's
And headlock [?] bring the premium [?]
Another one [?]
Crawl to the club, now I’m gonna leave with a ten pack
Dead that, I’ma leave to invent tracks
That’ll make your head crack [?] than that ([?])
Fire in the sky, call me de-o-da-do
With a baby face, it ain’t Leonardo
But everything I utter on a beat's stacato
With an appetite that’ll eat your heart notes
Makin’ a noise that’ll seat Chicago
Move cans [?] shop the crates
So you’re special, what if I never do a thing?
When I’m reacting I’m comin’ with a [?]
Now say goodnight
Save the encore and fade the lights
Terminate every name on site
When the day goes [?] I'ma make it right
[?] doesn’t make it right
[?] dormant
And I ain’t livin' by the book
‘Cause I’d rather be livin’ it like a [?], say it

Solemnly sold my soul ain't something that you'd fix with salt [?]
Live that martial art, that's why every year I manage to get colder
Every, every other rapper [?] like "Man, this style is old"
I made a piece, I turn it 'round 'fore I started dancing like Travolta
(Dancing like Travolta) But, but I take it to the heart like Uma
When I tour with the Hoods, twenty shows
And I roll around with the same nasty fumes
Half cyborg, half producer with no heart to lose [?] hard to do
So, if I am the number one, I'm on the path to sue
'Cause I'm assumin' the position like Kamasutra
And I [?] I just come on down
And never known the route, I throw the towel
You're over now, whenever I roam the town
I'ma make 'em all scream like Rose McGowan
That cone is out, I only rocked a pound
So profound from the coast, I'm bound to be the dopest
[?] until I'm unforgettable
To every fool up on a pedestal, I throw them down
Hopeless now
Straight in the door, comin' through, runnin' with the misfits
And all these other motherfuckers wanna hate
And get all mad at me because they think I stuck it in their missus
Here's a funnel you can piss in
I wear my shoes if you really think you're runnin' in my distance
Try and gut it like a piston
I wish you all the best, can a motherfucker get a witness?

It's a double V bitch, Vince and Vega
Got Pulp Fiction in the VCR
Gonna pull [?] on a motherfucker
If you wanna be [?] on the key [?]
[?] got a little [?]
In a hot syringe, so when the cops come in
I'm killing every motherfucker that ever had enough of me
[?] a whore [?] throw 'em off the balcony
Get back, I'm gorgeous, I'm thinkin' that
Meth lab's enormous, gonna pull the trigger
Shoot you in the face and put your motherfuckin' body
[?] rapper storage
You fuckin' idiot, I see you writing government orders better
But you took a lot of money out my pocket
[?] you better leave a letter
Just go down like [?] pleasure
To the god damn European chick with the accent
Shimmy, shimmy your butt, gimme, gimme the fuck
I mean I had it with the god damn trap shit
Meanwhile the summer [?]
Sixty-two [?]
[?] of a Big Kahuna burger
Give me the feeling, you never hurt a [?] leader
Like Hillary Clinton usin' a service that's illegal
They gon' blow your brains out, give me half the knowledge
Get you self-demolished, got a couple motherfuckers
Runnin' 'round with my soul in a black briefcase
Like Marsellus Wallace
And the code is six-six-six
Band-Aid on the back of my neck
I rap for respect, you don't wanna take it outside
You say [?] like the back of a cheque
Solemnly sold my soul, pull my car right out for profit
I just bite your fuckin' leg, take the money out my wallet
Listen truly, I'm the shepherd, you're the sheep
I like rappers like my steak, bloody and [?]
With salt and pepper on the beat
Give it to make like that, anybody fight back?
I'll blam 'em in the shoulder
Stuck the needle in my arm and started dancin' like Travolta
I'm so hard, the fuckin' handsome man, I hold it
Man, all you little bitches ([?])