(I Want To Be Your) Slave Testo

Testo (I Want To Be Your) Slave

What will it take for you to open up for me
patients wearing thin for your grinding
oh please amy you're so pretty on the inside
this is all i want this is all i see
you dance around my dark desires
what would you do if i made the first move
my fantasy says you'll let me do what i want to do
this is all i want this is all i see
give me your permission for what i need
voodoo talkin
fire walkin
primal shakin
anything for you
heavy breathin
love the beatin
always pleasin
i want to be your slave
is this something we both can agree upon
formalities in the way shame and so on
oh god amy don't tease me with a little kiss
this is all you want this is all you need
i don't need permission for what i see