Good Youtes Walk Amongst Evil Testo

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Testo Good Youtes Walk Amongst Evil

We're doing this for money

Live  and direct from the belly of the beast
Where  we pour out Henny for deceased
Numbers don't lie, give a penny for the guy
But they won't give a penny to the streets
[?]  on repeat, [?] their teens
Privileged  kids got a semi in their jeans
These kids got a semi in their jeans
Mad  to believe, this what our streets have come to
Warfare with nowhere to run through
But all this [?] can't still love you
That's why I stay with a quick 16 on me
Nobody  can take these 16's from me
Make my paper and tuck that properly
Pay my taxes and fuck those bobby's
Trust nobody
I ain't meeting no suits in lobbies
I ain't smoking no zoots with donny
I ain't handing out man no brollies
When I rain on all of these wally's
Bare bodies
You could have a bear's body, don't dare cross me
Life of a lyricist in the times that we're living in
Gotta speak mind of the biggest things
Shine is irrelevant, the grind is imperative
Gotta put pride over millions
Stride what the vision is, never lie to the listeners
No hype on the innocent
And when the pie is a billion, slice it and divvy it

That's my life in lyrics (Everyday)
Pile up figures (Everyday)
Work so hard (Everyday)
We're dying for a living (Everyday)
For clothes and the cars (Everyday)
Welcome to my city (Every weekend, yeah)

Say it loud
Word to the brother brown
Better know I'm black and I'm proud
If we're talking 'bout P's better know I'm mashing it down
Without bagging ounce
Rappers always thinking that the top looks better down
But the top looks better crowned, Kings and Queens of this shit
Man [?] books reading for this
Good youts walk amongst evil and win
Man lights up a regis for him, better squeeze one from him (Brah)
Squeeze one again (Brah), squeeze one for Ace
Squeeze one for Stormin, soldiers that sing with the pen
Real spitters like us bleed through the ink
Man lack guidance
Man hurt my man, just now run up on my man
Point on dialogue, just backed out and start firing
The ends is wylin', the feds try silence
But we ain't shucking and jiving
Master of ceremonies
If it wasn't for the mic of the miccy's, man would have really sold keys
Cah man [?] and man know hella Tony's
We only respect that man if he never told on a cody

The ends so sticky (Everyday)
On my nan's road (Everyday)
They fire 4 fizzy's (Everyday)
One day she opened the door (Everyday)
To empty shells on the floor (Everyday)
Welcome to my city (Every weekend, yeah)
Black tie (Everyday)
Trouser crease (Everyday)
Another funeral (Everyday)
Another rest in peace (Everyday)
Another judge gives out 20 (Everyday)
Welcome to my city (Every weekend, yeah)

Now the brothers moving so divided
We used to link up at McD's, alie Reg?
Pie and ice cream
Convoy to Ray's without no licence
I flow the nicest
Light up mic, they wind down, but I digress
Slave to my morals
But when you got no faith in the system, hungry today, fuck tomorrow
Why would you listen to bigger my AMG and not 180 G's
Raise some hell, buy some YSL
Do for self
(To survive in this world)

(Everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday)
(Everyday, every weekend, yeah)
Welcome to my city man
(Everyday) East side shit
(Everyday) The shit we go through every single day
(Everyday) And to the ones knee deep in it, I can't blame you for this shit, the games fucking rigged, but something's gotta give
(Everyday) 'Cause something's got to give, what the fuck happened to Newham man?
(Everyday) We gotta rewrite the ending to this shit
(Everyday) It's too many lives now
(Every weekend, yeah) Too many lives now man
Well lets talk about it
Lets talk about it