Away From Me Testo

Testo Away From Me

I called you and asked you
To talk to me and that I feel lose
You don’t have to be scared
But maybe I‘m scared

Don’t wanna hurt you
Don’t wanna lose you
Don’t wanna say goodbye to you
Don’t wanna resist you
But it doesn’t make sense
While I‘m the one who stands
You're the one who’s falling

Away from me
Away from me

Now I know what has been obvious
You went there, betrayed us
But still called it quits
Lied right in your time
What you wanted felt right
But you’re the one who lost me

Never thought I’d mistake you
Or misplace you
Never thought that I'd move on
From what always felt true
But it never made sense
'Cause whenever I stand
Someone else is falling

Away from me
Away from me