Promises Testo

Testo Promises

Id never seen the inside of my heart
until you ripped me open with your two face glances
this time, this time there's something else
something fleeting that i can't seem to hold onto

i can't stand that i can't tell
how well i keep you satisfied

so go tell all your friends about me
i'm being half the man i can be
(and i can't take it with me)

everything has to be this game with you
soft, sweet and simple is impossible
we never knew or would believe how much we'd change
and second-guess the promises that brought us closer

listen up, girl if for the last time
forget "i love you," it's overdone

slow it down and put your pillow on the bedroom floor
cut the light it doesn't look like i'll be
going home anytime soon
we'll see if we can pick it up where we left off
i can't take it when i can't take it with me