Clean Out Your Desk Testo

Testo Clean Out Your Desk

I hate it when you drunk dial him
I get so angry I dont where to begin
I get so mad when you are crying on the phone
I want to tie you body to my car
And drag you down the road

And I say its over and I--- pull over
And I say its over and I--- pull over

I need to know whats gonna be (x3)
...different this time

She tanned a T right below her tan line
Signaled with her fingers that the areas all mine
If i want it, I can have it
You know i want it, But I cant have it
Cus thats not half of it.

She made me an offer she thought that i couldnt refuse
And looking at her curves i was thinking
that they should be put to use.

She tanned a T...(chorus)

I wish you knew what your so-called friends
Love to tell me behind you back
Just for the records, Just for the records
Everyone is on my side
It wont matter how much you cry

She tanned a T...(chorus)

She made me an offer...(x4)
but not by me

I was right you were wrong
i was right and i wrote this song
I was right you were wrong
I was right so move along
(x2) dont ever tell me

You tanned a T...