Can I Have More of You Testo

Testo Can I Have More of You

I give up trying to earn your love
I just look above, up to you
My desire is to see your fire
Growing near and higher than before

'Cause you are good beyond measure
And my heart longs to give you pleasure
And you fulfill all my longing
And all my life I will sing
God, I love you and all you do
Your joy lives inside me and does me good
Can I have more of you?
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
Oh my God, you never let me down
Can I have more of you?

God I need right next to me
For my heart to be satisfied
I decide how I live my life
I've made up my mind, I'm living or you

Oh we want more, we want more
We want more and more of you, God

More and more and more and more
And more and more of you

Can I have more?
Can I have more of you?
It's the cry of my heart