Mister Chameleon Testo

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Testo Mister Chameleon

Here's a story of falling in love with a man of too many shades
At the blink of an eye I see his color change
It's enough to make me go insane
Flying from one extreme to the next
Should have guessed he'd fade to indigo
Although he was peachy not too long ago
By tomorrow he'll be white as snow

Mister Chameleon, your love is so fair weather
You go from gold to green with no warning
And I can't take it anymore, it's getting so old
Something says I gotta get up

We burned bright as the burgundy sun until emerald envy caused a scene
And exposed the crimson in your tangerine
You are quite the man of mystery
Your colors flash, they don't last, I know that they'll be changing so very soon
I'm looking for signs, point me to the clues
What did I do to make you turn so blue, oh you're so mean, baby!

Mister Chameleon, I see your true colors
I thought I knew you well, now it's hard to tell and I can't take it anymore
This is getting so old
Something says I gotta get up