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Testo The Story

Taking a journey to a land afar
Been thinking of charting my voyage to a different star
Got a story to tell
Goodbye, farewell

Packing my bags and I’m on the run
Train’s leaving off to the land of eternal sun
Got a story to tell
Goodbye, farewell
Riding the rails to my destiny
To where I’m ‘sposed to be
The engine is humming underneath my feet
I’m so far from home, with still a ways to go

The ride is rocky and the road is long
But I know that my soul is never gonna steer me wrong
Gonna master the art of following my heart
And I won’t worry what tomorrow may bring
I don’t need no second thought when it’s my heart I’m following

Riding on a train, taking my trip
And I’m gonna keep on riding ’til I reach the mothership
Riding on a train, taking our trip
And we’re gonna keep on riding ’til we reach the mothership