Bridges To Burn Testo

Testo Bridges To Burn

On this earth your roaming hopeless your are near homeless you forgotten where home is, you manipulate for mere change you presser them n if they do not donate you say god bless em, hangs at ur local grocery or gas station he looks overly poor but keeps a damn drink in his hand, maken me feel sorry for this man who stands whit a sign in his hand hes trying again, to play with your precious emotions make you feel guilty you wonder why hes begging you wonder why hes filthy?, a stroke of bad luck god delt him a bad hand so he restored to drinking help me understand, im curious maybe he just wasnt good enough at anything he attempted or could it be because karma's a real bitch thats it yes i believe every path hes had is now ashes as his bridges have burned ***
the most popular prettiest girl in school she'll be a scholar but very nieve easy to lead because shes a follower friedns are very premiscuous mother says they all are sluts but she takes up for them she insists they are not what people make them out to be she hates when her mom shouts so she storms out the house and leaves gettin calls by all of her uncles and aunties telling her to stay focused and watch the company you keep but she hangs up in there faces it means nothing bc shes convinced the friends she hangs with are the greatest they offer her alcohol and pills to take with these 2 joints these 2 boys have just laced with somthing thats maken her feel absolutely amazing now shes naked being videotaped & played with shes impregnated mom couldn't take noone to stay with her friends turned to strangers her bridges were burned ***
do on to others what you want others to do on to you or watch ur bridge colapse right under you times are bad your sad noone to comfort you dishoned by family members your used to running to very much alive but inside your lifeless youve realized family ties is priceless you seen the light but your bridge has ignited ingolfed in flames tears unable to fight it it is such a shame that we are so blind that we will decline to hear things thats righteous you will only press there buttons so inside there blowing up there headed for self destruction i have no words of wisdom i observe frum a distance i watch them burn their bridges being hurtfull and wicked eventually i hope you come to your sences no human shud ever have to be alone thats senceless rebuild your bridges