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Testo Jesus Christ's Mistress Intro

I smell seven dead children
inside of a fed buildin'
with their heads bitten off their legs missin
a failed mission
my angels who bare witness
to the rare sickness
unaware this gentleman with this stare
was there was in genesis as a serpent
he's lurkin'
in your churches as a worker for god
but this is all a fascade
he'll piss in all of your gods faces
fuck allah i got a picture of muhammad
in my wallet
he's a prophet but the gods hate him
now why should I pray five times a day
to the east when it might require me dying today
put on a fuckin bomb or two
and bomb a jew
all of you this is what allah would do
muslims will follow you
virgins in heaven awaits
so you can fuck'em in they ass in front of allah while his arab's ass masterbates
fuck it why not be jesus bitch
he's the shit
he'll forgive ya for a sins
shit he'll even suck ya dick
the nation of islam has been bombed
this is a sitcom
religion isn't makin my dick cum
the quran is toilet tissue
the bible is so official
if ya catholic
then you can put the fattest dick
into an altar boys ass
now all the boys ask
to study with the father cuz he fucks'em hard and fast
well hard core anal
on all fours thank you
welcome jesus christ's mistress
hail dark lord vader