Xerxes Intro Testo

Testo Xerxes Intro

[feat. Adolf Hitler]

Und wieder werden die Menschen kommen und gehen, und stets aufs neue ergriffen, beglückt und begeistert sein, denn die Idee und die Bewegung sind lebend Ausdruck unseres Volkes und damit ein Symbol des Ewigen. Es lebe die nationalsozialistische Bewegung, es lebe Deutschland!

Have you ever in your life seen something so evil? Tongue kissing your wife right here in this cathedral. The darkness shall rise, the sky starting to bleed through. The sweet Jesus is dying now read this bible we wrote. But our version is different, it involves murder and sinning. With God being the victim and Lord Lucifer winning. The beginning indeed. The snake manipulates Eve, to give the Adam the apple. For seven days you shall bleed, out of your womb. You'll be consumed, as terror glooms, and I assume, I'll be in rooms full of gold. They'll bury me in the tombs. Then I'll be resurrected, in less than seven seconds. I will not accept the presence of God to me he's just an effing peasant. So I'll give you this present. It's a gift and a blessing. Instead of resting in heaven give your flesh to a legend. To Mars and Mercury and since God em-birthed me. Gala can't hurt me. I am the God they call... They call me Xerxes! My God, my God. Oh they call me Xerxes! My God, my God. They call me Xerxes! My God, my God. For I am a God-king!