This Empty Room Once Was Alive Testo

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Testo This Empty Room Once Was Alive

Under the curtain doors
I buried all away
What could it make the difference?

Can it be afterlife?
I got it on a tree
Would we still remember?

And every passing year I fool these icy fingers
How this empty room
Once was alive
With guys and smoke and beauty

Don't be terrified to sleep
In case the dreams you awoke would come
If I'm awake
I'm starring broken and I'm still walking

If you're frightened
Just don't forget what we had
I am scared to cast what's left behind my back

I can't find the words to tell you
Just how deep the hole you left behind you
When you fell
I run in circles with this crippled horse
But I'm still riding

My old friends ring me up
To ask me where I've been hiding