Positivity Testo

Testo Positivity

[random "Power 106" radio samples and spanish vocals]

[Nancy Des Rose:]
Gold drops falling down from my fingertips
Tears of platinum and white gold drops of, sadness
Stopping the madness with the, pen in my hand
I've got to, fight the hardness pressin against the
tender softness of my, actions, jewels falling down from my mind
Bonded to the paper like, coal on the pavement
Creating impressions like, concrete handprints in your chest
I won't rest 'til I attest to the true test
Political serial killers tryin to sabotage my talent, with such violence
Ideals that are beyond this realm of, physical reality
I catapult my, energies like a remedy to all who seek my identity
Straight from the heart, I play my part as a, golden lady from Haiti
Praying daily to combat the crazy who try to keep us, lazy
Maybe we can all see and
someday try to fly mentally from this, insanity
Uhh, steadily building and it's from my fingertips

[Keith:] Fingertips

[Chorus: Nancy Des Rose]
Super positivity
Here to rescue you
Super positivityyyyyyyy
Always there for you
Super positivityyyy

[Kool Keith:]
I hit the lick to design on, shine on
Y'all clap already, bring the wine on
For the everlasting bracket month to month
Year to year rinse out the cold like all temperature Cheer
All temperature appear to make you sweat on regret
Dance steps, dance reps, got the single, the CD next
Rated RBX, pump the tape in the Cadillac, bouncin altitudes with interludes
You front, you lose, musical notes we choose
Whether you ride around or cruise

[Chorus: Nancy Des Rose]
Super positivity
Here to set you free (set you free)
Super positivityyyyyyyy
Here to rescue you, you, you
Always there when you're alone

[Nancy Des Rose:]
Distant principalities coexisting in a fraction of time
The destructured civilization of mindframe set by
disillusioned functions to eradicate the values of, traditional systems
No more distraction, just plain extraction
of entities here to, remove me from my, present realities
Tuning onto, objective sectors, predestined outcomes
Time for, conversion, multiply brain power and knowledge four
Equal success no time to dress or, stress
Time to stay above the trends and, goals
There's great power out there...

Always here, for you (for you)