Sugar Testo

Testo Sugar

[Chorus: Nancy Des Rose]
Everybody's sugar - the streets are sweet
Everybody's sugar - their beats are weak
Everybody's sugar - the streets are sweet
Everybody's sugar

[Hook: Nancy Des Rose - singing]
I booked studio time, I heard your beats
You was ringin my phone, I was half asleep
Your hypeman called, his rhymes was weak
What you tryin to do, wanna destroy my life?
I hate to say it, but everything's whack tonight
Is it a mixed club, I don't care if it's black tonight

[Chorus x0.75]

[Kool Keith:]
Nancy should sing, nothing's happening
There's too many animated Conde Nemo monkies
swimmin like colored fish in the street
Singers to me are like Halloween, kids with soft candy rap
Y'all in big studios with pitbulls
Walkin around drinkin Hypnotiq makin little girl beats
Take off the rugged denim suits
Your crew wear pink denim skirts to Jones Beach
And Feezle jeans with suntan lotion
Guys with bras and panties on, MC's playin tag in the Atlantic Ocean
Nobody want the camera to start filmin the undercover stuff in motion
Your bodyguard wearin Casavelo with G-strings on
Big cats with ice cream cones walkin by me with vanilla

[Chorus: + "their beats are weak"]


[Chorus: + "their beats are weak"]